Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Article 5 SURPRISE!

They Consulate surprised us with an expedite on our Article 5! Pick up was today! Just 3 days after drop off. Shocking! Our pick up date was originally scheduled for January 27th. Praise God for favor! And thank you to our amazing pediatrician and cleft team coordinator for writing medical expedite letters for us. 


Now all we need is our Travel Approval!!! Please pray we get it super fast! Chinese New Year is delaying travel for MANY families so the consulate appointments we need to complete our adoptions are filling up fast! We are praying praying praying for a February 10th Gotcha Day, but it will be VERY CLOSE!

All of your prayers are SO appreciated!

I just love seeing how God is making up for the time we lost. I am SO EXCITED!


  1. Yay! Great news!
    I would love to know what you will be packing for China and what you will be leaving behind this time.

    1. Oh my Meg! I am just starting to pack and I can tell you this...I WILL NOT OVERPACK like last time! It was WAY too much stuff! I will update my packing list from last time and I can send it to you!

  2. Oh my goodness! So excited for you! Love that your Art 5 came that quickly! C'mon, TA! So excited for you :) We adopted our cl/cp little guy shortly after you brought Gideon home :)