Friday, January 31, 2014

Pray for my friends Please!

Hi friends! 

We have some friends who are facing some HUGE battles right now. They need our prayers.

They shall remain nameless for their protection, but even so, I'd love for those who feel led to pray for them please. 

With one couple's permission, I will share that they are going through major infertility struggles right now. They have spent tens of thousands of dollars on failed IVF cycles. They are in the middle of their last try right now and it's not going well. Please pray for a miracle for our friends. They have a deep longing in their hearts for a biological child and while they know it is not in their control, they are begging God to make it happen. 

Please pray for discernment for their next steps. 

Please pray that their eyes are open to all of their options and the trust that God will provide every penny for whichever option He leads them to. 

Please pray that God removes that intense longing for a biological child if it is not His will for their family.

Please pray that if it is His will, they continue to choose to look to Him for the strength and endurance they need to keep moving forward. 

Please pray for their marriage. Pray that what could be a time of tearing them apart, is instead a time of a strengthened love and commitment to one another.

Please pray, above all else, for PEACE no matter what the outcome is at the doctor's office tomorrow. 

We may not have the exact same scenarios as each other, but we do know the feelings they are experiencing and it is not fun. It is so deeply painful.

Please pray that they have heaps of supportive, compassionate people around them offering love and meals and anything else they can think of. It means so so much when you're in the midst of what they are dealing with.

Also, please pray for another friend of mine who got some very shocking news about someone very close to her. She needs our prayers for discernment in the weeks and months ahead.

Thank you all so much! 


  1. The scars and heartache of infertility are never completely forgotten. I'm joining you in praying.

  2. If Sarah's Laughter can do anything for your friend going through infertility, we'd be glad to come alongside them.