Monday, May 12, 2014

Fun with PlayDough

A big thank you to my dear friend, Elaine, of Faithfully Infertile. She prayed and asked God for a tangible way that she could bless us and boy did he give her a really great answer. She knew that I loved to do learning activities with my boys, but also knew I had little time or energy to come up with creative ideas. So what did she do? She sent me a HUGE box of activities. There must be 40 or so different activities in there. This is one of them. I couldn't help but cry when I opened up that box. I literally had been praying and hoping for the time to put this kind of thing together. Thank you, Elaine, for such a beautiful gift. As you know, some of these things have made what could've been a yucky morning, pretty manageable. I am so grateful for your friendship. You have a beautiful heart!


  1. These Boys are wonderful, marvelous, squeezable and bring joy,love and peace to their family.

    Marge Cole